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Skin Cancer


Mr Misra is a core member of the Skin Cancer team in the NHS.  As part of the Specialist Skin Cancer Multidisciplinary Team (SSMDT) at Heatherwood, Wexham Park & Hillingdon Hospitals, Alok Misra works with dermatologists and cancer oncology specialists (specialists that treat cancer with chemotherapy / radiotherapy) to offer patients skin cancer treatment.

There are a number of types of skin cancer, most of which are well treated by surgical excision (biopsy) under local anaesthetic. The most common are shown below:

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Minor day surgery procedure 

Most skin cancers can be removed as a day-case procedure using local anaesthetic injection and is well tolerated by patients. The procedure is performed in  20-30 minutes, in the clinic setting. The removed skin (biopsy) is sent for microscopic analysis (histology). Following the procedure, you will be briefly monitored, before discharge from the hospital. Before leaving, you will be given information about after-care and the date for your next appointment, to discuss the report of the removed skin.

NHS patients

If you think you might need assessment for skin cancer, it is useful to see your GP in the first instance. Nowadays the waiting time to see a NHS skin cancer specialist can be as quickly as 2 weeks. Mr Misra holds a parallel Dermatology / Plastic Surgery skin cancer clinic every week, to review skin cancer patients. For further information please contact Mr Misra's NHS secretary

Private patients

You may wish to arrange assessment and/or surgical removal of a skin lesion in a time more convenient to you. This can be arranged by contacting Mr Misra's private office. If you self-pay for private treatment, it is not always  necessary to continue on-going appointments, privately. Depending on your needs and type of skin cancer, Mr Misra can offer you the option of transferring your care to the NHS, where your skin cancer appointments and treatments can continue.

To learn more about skin cancer please click on the following BAPRAS link. If you have further questions please contact Mr Misra's private office to arrange an appointment.

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