The Consultation

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Your consultation will always be with Mr Misra and will be a caring and friendly, yet professional experience, from what we hear our patients tells us.

It will involve a discussion, around questions such as:

  • Your reasons for having cosmetic surgery?
  • The look you wish to achieve?
  • Your expectations from the procedure?
  • What options you are thinking about?
  • Your general fitness for surgery -  your personal medical history and current medication taken

A specific examination, to look at your suitability for the various cosmetic surgery / non-surgical options available to you, is part of the consultation.  Mr Misra will usually take photographs, as part of your confidential medical records. These are used for surgical and non-surgical treatment planning.

Following a full assessment, a cosmetic option that best suits your expectations and is safe to perform, will provide the basis of further discussion and Mr Misra's recommendation. Reasons for this will also be explained. Your decision to have the cosmetic procedure should not be taken lightly and it may be that more time is needed. This is natural and a return consultation, a few weeks later, will be normally arranged, to give you sufficient time to decide.

A written record of the entire discussion of your consultation will be sent to you, following your visit, in the form of a letter. Your GP will usually be copied into this correspondence and is a useful point of reference, when making a decision about having a cosmetic procedure. 

Finally, when you are certain that you wish to proceed, Mr Misra's office will also send you a package price for the procedure, which often includes anaesthetic, hospital and some follow-up costs. This fee is usually settled with the hospital on the day of the procedure and may not include your consultation fee. If you are not clear about the cost structure of your procedure, please do not hesitate to ask the hospital or Mr Misra's office. We will gladly help with this enquiry. 

If you are interested in a cosmetic procedure or wish to know more please contact Alok Misra's office. 

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