Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Alok Misra will answer questions you may have regarding cosmetic surgery at consultation. He has a particular specialist interest in the Breast cosmetic surgery, Facial plastic surgery and Body contouring (see below). 



Facial Plastic Surgery

If the procedure you are looking for, is not listed, Mr Misra may be still be able to help.

*The new "R"- facelift

The recently acclaimed "R" -lift, as pioneered by Mr Riaz who has been recognised nationally by Tatler magazine as one of the top four UK facelift surgeons to go to. Mr Misra, has now studied the "R"- facelift technique, under the guidance of Mr Riaz and can now offer his patients, this new technique locally (photo below from Mr Misra's visit to see Mr Riaz perform the "R"-lift)


"I am very happy to share my experience of the `R` Face lift with you.  As you are already offering your patients different rejuvenation procedures in the face, this technique presents yet another choice and has the power of full surgical rejuvenation of face and neck with a very short down time and negligible complications. I am delighted for the patients from your area and feel satisfied that they will now be able to have this procedure closer to home.

Regards Muhammad Riaz"

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