The cost of cosmetic treatment

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Our price structure is aimed to match your needs. In addition the quoted price reflects a consultant-only delivered service, with all your new and follow-up consultations, treatments and ward reviews undertaken by Mr Misra. 

A formal quote for the cost of treatment after the consultation, will be sent to you, if requested. This will often be fixed hospital package price, which includes the surgical fee, anaesthetic fee and hospital fee, including some follow-up appointments. Your consultation fee is not included in this, usually. Package prices may vary from hospital to hospital and you should enquire about this, to compare.

Financial plans are available from some private hospitals, to spread the cost of your surgery. This is a convenient way to spread the cost of your surgery and will depend on terms and conditions set out by the hospital in question. If this is of interest and for any other general queries, please call Mr Misra's office or book a consultation.

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