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Cosmetic procedures


Cosmetic enhancement often involves a combination of surgical and non-surgical treatments, to achieve the best results.  

There are a variety of procedures designed to reshape the body and improve appearance, but all have risk and a downtime to get the final result. Non- surgical treatments  (eg. muscle relaxants (Botox), fillers, chemical peels)  involve no surgery, and so are less invasive and slightly more predictable, but even these are not risk free.

What you should do before having a cosmetic treatment:

Do your own homework 

When thinking about a cosmetic procedure, it is essential to take your time. Often talking to someone who has had recent cosmetic surgery can start the ball rolling in who to see. However, targeted internet research (looking at credible websites eg.BAPRAS, BAAPS and ISAPs) or a  GP recommendation, can help guide your final choice of who to see. In the end, seeing a few surgeons and deciding for yourself, is usually what it boils down to. 

Think about when

Your personal and working lifestyle have a lot to do with the "when" of having cosmetic surgery. How a procedure might impact on your life, is something that you will need to prepare for.  For example,  a facial procedure takes time to settle, with bruising and swelling which are more noticeable in the first few weeks. Taking time-off work and staying indoors may make your recovery swifter and leave you feeling confident, about the whole experience.

Draw up your 5 C's checklist

Mr Misra understands the decision to have a cosmetic procedure is not straightforward. His first consultation with you, is about getting to know you and your cosmetic goals.  Most of the time is spent as an introduction to your cosmetic options and his recommendation. 

He will then arrange a further appointment, a few weeks later, before going ahead with the procedure, so you can talk more and have any pressing queries answered. If the plan is to go ahead, it maybe that at this time a more detailed assessment is made and previous information is revised and confirmed.  The intention by the end of your consultations is that you are fully informed and that you feel completely at ease and confident about going ahead. This also means understanding risk, aftercare needed and likely outcome. The 5 C's checklist is a useful guide when considering cosmetic surgery:

  1. The CHANGE you wish to see
  2. CHECK-OUT the right surgeon
  3. CONSULTATION - it should be thorough and ask questions
  4. COOL-OFF - don't commit straight away, but think about it before you do
  5. CARE - know about your aftercare and how to access you surgeon, after surgery

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